My Professional Profile (Experience)

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About Me

I have gained experience in different disciplines for 10 years working with leading companies and startups in Turkey. Throughout my experience as a software engineer, consultant, instructor, and manager, I have had the opportunity to evaluate my work from multiple perspectives to gain maximum returns and create values. I continue to work on new technologies, strategy development, and business management.



Co-Founder / CEO
May 2018 – Present

CekiciCagir provides the fastest and most reliable towing service in Turkey. As CekiciCagir, we helped over 20.000 people who have trouble on the roads in the last year.

I focus on our product from product management, strategy, and technology perspectives to fix customer problems as best as we can. My main goal is solving problems while eliminating and/or minimizing human error. Therefore, I built an automated agent system to connect customers with the service regarding their needs.

Our next steps are;

  • Creating a cluster-based prediction system to decrease the time of emergency teams’ arrival to the scene of the accident.
  • Build a communication system with emergency contacts
  • Build an early warning system for the car owners

Because of the no resource budget, I have created a focus group to get insights from the target audience.

Technologies used: React Native, PHP, Laravel 5.4, Javascript, AngularJS, jQuery, Mysql, Redis, JWTAuth, AWS, S3, CloudWatch



Vice President of Growth
Nov 2017 – Aug 2019

I created a new organization chart with the board members. With the new chart, I built 3 different teams as development, product management, and growth. I have also dealt with recruitment, onboarding and performance management. I am proud to help one of my developers to become a product manager.

According to my KPIs:

• I defined the SDLC process and I led the team to transform existing codebase to the new technologies. TRT increased by 85%.
• My team and I produced the B2B product – which increased the gross margin profit to 100%, in a month.
• I created a product management framework that depends on global best practices to build a solid roadmap and bug-free apps.
• I pivoted the customer-journey from the marketplace to service-oriented and market-oriented structure. The conversion rate increased by 38%.
• I made a micro-segmentation analysis and created sub-products. Monetization increased by 18%.

Technologies used: React, React Native, VueJS, .net core, jquery



Product Owner/Manager
Nov 2016 – Nov 2017

I have worked as a product owner/manager of a flight ticket system at Teknasyon.

• I created the complete product analysis and business plan.
• I created an MVP release plan to reach early-adopters as soon as possible. At the end of the three months, we published our product to the iOS, Android and Web platforms.
• I eliminated the 3rd party companies and made direct deals with airline companies as service providers. With this, the gross margin increased by 25%.
• I managed the financial process adaptation to minimize operational work-load.

Technologies used: PHP, Laravel 5.4, Javascript, AngularJS, jQuery, Mysql, Redis, JWTAuth, AWS, S3, CloudWatch, Swift

Dogus Media Group

Product Manager
Feb 2016 – Sep 2016

I have worked as a product manager of NTV Sport, NTV Hava, National Geographic-Turkey brands for web and mobile applications. In addition to my product management role, I also had responsibility for advertisement infrastructure which uses the entire media brands of Dogus Media Group.

I have conducted more than 500 interviews myself and I created prototypes for multiple micro projects regarding the target audience interviews.

One of the solid micro products is the NatGeo Digital Archive. With this product, printed publication sales increased by 20%.

In addition to firefighting, I always tried to increase ROI with my gain giver perspective. I decreased the potential risks with MVPs and A/B tests.

Technologies used: .Net, .Net MVC, jQuery, Azure, MongoDB, MSSQL



Solution Manager
Dec 2014 – Jan 2016

I have worked with 50+ financial apps at Pfizer. I met with the Global SDLC process and managed maintenance and improvements regarding this framework. I worked with local, remote and 3rd party integrators.

I had responsibilities about technical implementation, architectural support and being a mentor for technical teams.

Technologies used: Technologies used: .Net, Asp.Net MVC, MSSQL, SSRS, SSIS, BizTalk, TFS, AWS, S3, VB.Net, VB6


Software Project Manager
Jan 2013 – Nov 2014

I have provided consultation, lecturing and project development services to our customers. It really helped my personal development to understand and manage customer needs.

Software Architect
Jan 2012 – Nov 2012

Technologies used: .Net, .Net Core, Asp.Net MVC, WCF, WPF, IIS, Azure, TFS, DevExpress, jQuery, Sharepoint


Software Developer
Feb 2011 – May 2012

I have developed SAAS products to help medium and large organizations for automating and managing their processes.

Technologies used: PHP, Zen, Asp.Net, DevExpress, Sencha, MSSQL, MySQL


  • Software engineering
  • Lecturing
  • Xmotorcycles
  • AI
  • Business Strategies